In Memory of Scott Winters

A dear friend, actor and writer

Scott so unselfishly shared his talent and passion for writing with Lake Effects in a journey that began over 3 years ago. He worked tirelessly for years perfecting a script that he had no guarantee would ever get made…and yet he believed and he trusted. Scott’s can-do attitude, his charming smile, his endless creative pool and his genuine love and passion for both the art and people was admirable and inspiring.

I had the privilege of seeing Scott his last week and sharing the finished film with him. I wish you could have seen the tears of joy, pride, and the appreciation he expressed, with a sparkle dancing in his eyes, for the Smith Mountain Lake community that made it possible.

My wish is that Scott’s legacy lives on with Lake Effects. Scott was very purposeful in all he did and I honestly believe that the message and heart that lives in Lake Effects was equally purposeful. Scott so beautifully crafted the story in such a witty, touching and inspiring way and with a message he told me, he hoped many would hear and take to heart.

God must have needed a darn talented writer to work on something very important and I think we all know that he pays better than I ever could!
Hollywood, watch out because Lake Effectshas a very special angel watching over this film.
We love you Scott and share this night with you!
-Sara Elizabeth Timmins

A Writer’s Statement: Scott Winters

-Written in hospice July 2011

[Scott reflected on The Lake he would go to at the end of every summer season to escape the city, competition and simply relax before the next project.]

“September. The fall. The beginning of a new season. A productive time, school starting, new beginnings. A very important part of my Jewish upbringing. The Holy Days: the time of year to reflect on your life, your good deeds and will you be written in the book of life for the upcoming year.”

[He then spoke of some of the characters in his daily life when returning to the city].
“These are the people of our lives, and they make up the map that is defined as our world as we have come to know and understand it. No matter what you do, or how hard you try to flee, you are a member of that tribe, landmarks for ourselves and each other.. We help each other define this beautiful, crazy place called earth. A place where we are only visiting for a very short time. Just as the changing of the seasons brings changes, some good and some unexpected, so does the that force of nature that runs through each and everyone of us, with our shared experiences and celebrations, our sorrows and times of personal reflection. It is without this connection to our humankind, we would be undone. Together, as we gather in our ‘day to day’ and ‘season to season’, we continue to evolve.

Community is everything. With many voices, a larger message can be heard. Lake Effects is the culmination of all the voices and the hearts and spirits of not only SML, but of all the places in the world where people come together and announce “We are part of something, and it is good.” Thank you for allowing me to spend my final, Holy Season with the most generous spirits a man could have the privilege to know. Please accept my gift of Lake Effects in remembrance of myself and my family, and all that is good and true in this place we call home.”