Latest News

Latest News

January, 2013Lake Effects will be seen in new territories including Australia and China. Other territories include France, Benelux, Malaysia,

Mexico, Poland, Scandanavia, Turkey, Spain, Canada, Brazil and Italy.

October 2012Lake Effects selected as ‘Official Selection’ in the Virginia Film Festival

August 2012Lake Effects is available nationwide on DVD and Video on Demand and can be purchased at retailers inlcuding Amazon, Target, WalMart, and local retailers in the Smith Mountain Lake area.

June 17, 2012Lake Effects is on the Emmy Nominating Ballot in the category of Outstanding Movie or Miniseries. Producer Sara Elizabeth Timmins states, “While this achievement alone is a great honor, this is not stopping us from trying to spread the word and ask Academy members to consider the film in an effort to make the final ballot.” This is the same persevering spirit that Lake Effects producers have embodied every step of the way during the filmmaking process.

Producers of this independent film don’t have the financing to compete with traditional expensive Emmy campaigns so they are trusting word of mouth, email, social networking and the spirit of the film to spread the word. Life Out Loud Films is asking people to share this news and encourage those who are Academy members to consider Lake Effects while voting. “It would be a dream for the our ‘little film that could’ and the Smith Mountain Lake Community, to actually make it to the final ballot and show indie filmmakers everywhere that with preparation, passion, persistence and integrity you can make your dreams and films a reality,” said Timmins.

June 6, 2012—- In addition to the “Lake Effects” premiere nationally on Hallmark Movie Channel the film will also be seen via DVD or TV in several other countries including France, Benelux, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Scandanavia, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Canada, and Brazil, and we continue to expand into new territories every month. Exact airdates will be announced as they are confirmed