The “REEL” People of SML

“Miss Virginia”- Chinah Helmandollar Jewell
Chinah was Miss Virginia 2009 and continues to reside in her hometown of Smith Mountain Lake, VA.

“DeeDee” - DeeDee Bondurant
DeeDee and the She Doos came to our first community meeting for Lake Effects. The She Doos area group of women over 50 who ride Sea Doos year round in their signature lime green. They had so much spirit we added them to the script!

“Old Vic” - TruBob
A character around the lake Sara Elizabeth ran into a number of times. At one of those meetings, our team brought a camera crew along. This footage can be seen in “The Ripple Effect: The Making Of Lake Effects”

“Tim the DJ” - Tim Ernandes
Tim is the actual DJ of the real station WSLK “Lake Radio”