“REEL” Locations

Sara and Tyler’s lunch - Benjamin’s Restaurant (Mariner’s Landing)This is an actual restaurant at one of Smith Mountain Lake’s premier resorts, where many lake events are held.
Wine Festival - Bernard’s Landing Resort and Conference Center This was the actual location of the annual wine festival for several years. The cast stayed in condos at Bernard’s Landing during shooting.
Tisdale HousePrivate ResidenceThis is one of the producer’s parents’ home. Their are actually 99 steps leading from the lake to the home, which was written into the script

Union Hall, VA

Sara’s Records Search-Public Records Room Franklin Co. Courthouse This is the actual records room at the Franklin County courthouse in Rocky Mount. 275 South Main Street, Suite 111, Rocky Mount, VA
Sara drives through townCity of Bedford Smith Mountain Lake sits between two counties, Bedford and Franklin. This scene is Sara actually driving through the town of Bedford.
Sara’s Law Firm - Crandall and Katt Attorneys and Counselors at Law This law firm is actually in Roanoke but in the movie it is set in L.A. See the actual law office in Roanoke,
Lily’s School - Dudley Elementary SchoolDudley is an actual elementary school on the Franklin County side of the lake. In fact, many cast and crew members attended this school.
Sara’s L.A. apartmentPrivate ResidenceThis apartment is located in the center of Downtown Roanoke, near Hometown Bank but in the movie it is in L.A.

Downtown Roanoke, VA
Bar-Fallon’s RestaurantThis restaurant, off Rt. 122 at the lake, was called Fallon’s at time of filming, but is now under new ownership and called “Poppy’s”.

15812 Moneta Road, Moneta, VA
Funeral site Private ResidenceThis is the lot of land directly across the lake from Tisdale home location.

Union Hall, VA
Bedford Savings & Loan - Old bank buildingThough this building used to be a bank, it was a vacant at the time of filming. The art department brought in signs and props to make it look like a functioning bank.

107 E. Main Street, Bedford, VA
Tyler’s houseboatIdle Hour….at Crystal Shores MarinaIdle Hour is a privately owned boat used as a residence for a local couple. The marina restaurant where the houseboat is docked was the holding area for cast and crew during this chilly night shoot.
Futterman’s Hotel - The Lake Inn This is one of the few family run hotels at the lake, and is located conveniently at the Westlake Corner at the lake.
“Smithy Guys” ClubhouseThis property belongs to the family of the artist who painted the generations of Lily’s commissioned painting in the film.

Union Hall, VA
Tinnell’s Market-ExteriorTinnell’s Finer Foods, Inc.The store was named Tinnell’s in the script, named after the actual location where we planned to shoot. The store is in Roanoke and has been family owned since
Tinnell’s MarketInterior-Diamond Hill General StoreWe had to use a closer location for the interior scene when it proved too far for the company to move on a tight day.Get a virtual tour of the acutal store:
Bob’s Tackle Shop - Penhook Boat DockThe store at Penhook Boat Dock was featured in this scene which was originally in the film. This was also the site we launched all of the “smithy” creatures that competed for the role of “Smithy in the film.
Sara’s Running Paths - W.E. Skelton 4-H Educational Conference CenterThis scenic landscape is also the property of our lodging sponsor, where the crew stayed during shooting.
Tisdale attic – Private ResidenceThis is actually in the home of one of the film’s producers.

Roanoke, VA
Dad’s fishing spot – Lucky IslandVolunteers took cast and crew over in boats to film on the island. Equipment such as cameras, sound equipment, and

craft service all had to go to the island via boat.

Located at Mile Marker B1